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Oodles of (homemade) Noodles

Recently I had managed to acquire a brand new toy to play around with. It's none other than the Philips Noodle Maker machine that I was coveting for since last year. It took me ONE Maybank TREATS fair and some help from friends to finally have this baby x3 Was super duper happy and excited....even… Continue reading Oodles of (homemade) Noodles

This random concoction was whipped up by SILVENNIA

The 10 Best Food Youtube Videos

I love watching videos about "How-To", especially when it comes to food. It's just something that calls out to me naturally, urging me to try out their nefarious (yet sometimes, rather easy) 'food hacks'. Here are 10 of my favourites. I have yet to try them all, sadly, because I don't have a proper oven… Continue reading The 10 Best Food Youtube Videos