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5 Shopping Sites To Look For

Everyone loves shopping, don’t they? It doesn’t matter exactly what is the item you are shopping for. All you need is the almighty Internet and a gadget to hook you up. And voila! You’re all ready for a bout of shopping!

Because, really. What’s trudging up and down the mall when everything is at your fingertips? *smirks*

While I do enjoy my mini excursions to the shopping malls for whatever reason there is out there (mainly for movies and arcade, admittedly) there’s just a thrill of perusing through selection of items up for grabs on the Internet. Ah, the evolution of Online Shopping.

I’ve gone through all sorts of online shops lately, be it for groceries (have yet to actually buy from them!) or cheap electronic accessories. One could say I’m somewhat addicted to this!

I’ve decided to whip up 5 of my all-time fave online shops into a list for this blog post. Feel free to suggest more by leaving a comment below 🙂

Hook Clothing

Hook Clothing

Previously known as Tanks For 5, this shop had attracted me years ago with the novelty of acquiring racer back sleeveless tops for, you know it, RM5 each. Cheap, comfy and pretty lasting, what else could a girl ask for? 😉

Now known as Hook Clothing, their selection of apparel and accessories have expanded tremendously. I am in utter love with what they have to offer in their store! I just wish I am the right size for most of the lovely outfits *sighs*


RM5 tank top
Moon Print Tank Top: RM5
Flared Midi Skirt
Flared Midi Skirt: RM45

Ribbed Sweetheart Tank Top: RM28
Zipper Maxi Skirt: RM40

P/S: If you love lip balms, check out their selection of My Lip Stuff! You’ll go balmy with the array of lippies that they have to offer.

Tuesday Couture

Tuesday Couture

Another interesting shop I love checking out once a week is Tuesday.C! Outfits are lovely, and most of their apparels are prefect even for someone as big-butted like me (is that even a word? Oh well!). The seller is efficient, and she would check up on your order (via email) without any promptings. Good service and definitely good quality as well!


Mira Flare Skirt: RM69
Mira Flare Skirt: RM69
Alana Embroidery Bustier Top: RM24.80
Alana Embroidery Bustier Top: RM24.80
Verda Midi Print Skirt: RM69
Verda Midi Print Skirt: RM69


Washi Tape is the perfect arts and craft friend

Are you a fan of washi tapes and all things creative? If the answer is yes, then you’re bound to love the selection of colourful (and the not-so-colourful) tapes this seller has to offer!


MT Kids: RM6.50
MT Kids: RM6.50
Baker Twine: RM3
Baker Twine: RM3
Rainbow In A Jar: RM69
Rainbow In A Jar: RM69


handmade miniatures

I’m always a fan of her works, even until now! It’s amazing how much details this artisan had added into her masterpieces. Don’t believe me? Check out her Etsy page for yourself!

P/S: Pricing for Malaysians differ than those on Etsy, seeing that the conversion rate fluctuates for us. So do drop TinyPinc a message for the latest price tag (hinthint Malaysians get em’ slightly cheaper!)


Miniature Baby Bay Max Figurine holding red balloon: RM56.86
Miniature Baby Bay Max Figurine holding red balloon: RM50
Miniature Baby Groot Figurine: RM56.86
Miniature Baby Groot Figurine: RM50
Mini Hamster Necklace with Crystal Glass Bead Cute Small Hamster: RM113.72
Mini Hamster Necklace with Crystal Glass Bead Cute Small Hamster: RM100



I was first introduced to this website by a friend. Though the selection of cosmetics and beauty products are not many, there’s some pretty neat gems to be found here. From hair products to skin salvation, you can pretty much find something beneficial for yourself that you probably can’t find in any local drugstore. Or Sephora.


OCC Lip Tar: RM40 - RM70 each
OCC Lip Tar: RM40 – RM70 each
Egyptian Magic: RM80 - RM115
Egyptian Magic: RM80 – RM115

That’s it from me! It’s a rather odd selection of online shops, don’t you think? But I do love checking out blog shops and online shops of various categories. It’s cool to spice things up a lil’ bit.

Got something to add to this? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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