Urban Stove : A Food Solution for Urbanites?

Surprise your loved one with these delicious ‘dinner for two’ or a full-fledged dinner meal for your family. If you’re one of those type who wants to eat really good food, but tend to be lazy when it comes to hunting down recipes and sorting out the right ingredients for the respective recipes….well. You should check out Urban Stove then!

Contrary to those ‘food trucks’ and ‘food deliveries’ we get out there like Burger Bakar, Simply Sandwiches etc, Urban Stove caters for those who still WANTS to cook at home, but packing up the right amount of ingredients for each recipe given.

What Urban Stove Aims To Achieve

Our mission is to make home cooking fast, easy and fun. we understand the pressures of modern living adn how it can whittle away our precious time. That’s why we aim to simplify your life by doing the heavy lifting for you when it comes to cooking – from creating recipes, running out to groceries, preparing and pre-portioning the ingredients to delivering all these to your doorstep.

quick and easy homecooked meals

What’s so different about Urban Stove?

In case you’re wondering why am I raving about Urban Stove, here are some of my reasonings (coming from one who loves to cook for others I might add!):

Fresh ingredients all the way

For every meal recipe, ingredients packed and delivered are at tip top condition with the absence of bruises and/or any ‘nasties’. These fresh ingredients are carefully selected and packed in a well-insulated box, layered generously with ice packs to ensure that nothing goes bad on delivery. I had my box for about 6 hours by the way, since I had it delivered to office first! So I can attest that the packaging is a good one ๐Ÿ˜€

The right portion

Personally, one of the many headaches of cooking for one or two is the amount of ingredients needed. I mean, it is NOT cheap buying ingredients in smaller portion than in bulk at times. For example, feel like having a bowl of cold spinach and spring onions in your omelette? Buying these ingredients would mean that you gotta buy them in a big bunch (most of the time anyway, unless you have the time to head over to a wet market and carefully select your small bunch. But even then, is it worth it traveling all the way to the market for a small bunch of leaves?) and pray you finish them all before the greens start to wilt in your fridge.

With Urban Stove, there’s definitely no worries as they pack just the right amount for a meal for two. It may look like a small amount when you first unbox the packets, but trust me, it is enough. Plus, it also means that you have a bigger room for ‘add-on’ ingredients too! ๐Ÿ˜›

Recipe Cards

Okay so you have the ingredients in hand for a meal, but what do you do next? Fear not! Urban Stove also includes recipe cards that has pretty pictures and clear instructions on what to do next. Trust me when I say it is THAT simple! The plus side is that you now have spanking great recipe cards for future cookout adventures.

Different Meals Every Week

Last but not least, Urban Stove do not serve the same meal every week! The chefs work real hard to make sure that each meal will be dished out at its finest, and well, to also make sure that you won’t get sick of the same menu every week (oh the horror!)

I am truly sorry because Impatient Me had completely forgotten to take a quick Unboxing video/photos and went straight to making one of the meals I had gotten for the week then. #ImpatientChef

All the same, have a look at one of the meals that I had taken a photo & video of: Beef Shepherd’s Pie.

Gotten you impressed yet?

Head over toย Urban Stoveย then and check out what is this week’s menu!

There are always 5 different menu selection weekly, and you get to choose 3 recipes for a certain price. If you’re worried about the price, my advice is to think back on the food expenses you would fork out every week for a meal for two (family plan is still in the works for Urban Stove) and compare it to this package plan. You’ll be surprised at the amount that you’ll save ๐Ÿ™‚

So go on, impress your loved ones with your l33t skillz in the kitchen today! ๐Ÿ˜€

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