GangsteRock ‘Kasi Sengat” : A Movie Review

A Guest Review by Mogi (Rage)


Never have I seen an absolute garbage that is beyond comprehension. GangsteRock ‘Kasi Sengat’ is a movie by Soffi Jikan; an amazing actor but as a director…well. I can’t help but to point out the flaws almost throughout the entire movie. It has a stellar cast of amazing actors, but the film sucked. Why does the film suck? The poster sucks. The trailer sucks. Are they trying to hard or is it just plain lazy suckiness?

The editing was horrible, the cinematography is horrible, not to mention the audio editing is so fail, you can’t hear SQUAT SHIT what the fuck they are talking about. The color grading isn’t even properly done. VFX is so obvious a cut out mess. Things go left and right for no reason because the editing left a lot of plot holes and unresolved situations. The opening sequence is quickly shown in 2 minutes, complete with credits to who directed it. The editing was so fast its hard to grasp what was what. There’s this one moment they went to a mansion, and then they get out, with no explanation why do they went there and do what? Guess what? This is the final cut, it was as is, in frickin DVD, and cinemas.

They have flashback scenes but I can’t even tell if its a flashback, wrong color correction. One time they are at the city, then to kampung, I thought the guy went ‘balik kampung terus’, then they cut back to him in the same position at the city, then I realized, oh, it was supposed to be a flashback.

So what’s the story about? A guy who wants to be a rockstar getting caught in some gangster shit, I do not know why, because I can’t hear the dialogue. The flow was bad, there were scenes that were like non-existent; trying to brain the plot just killed my brain cells. There’s nothing more to say. That’s honestly what I can grasp from seeing it. Oh wait, here’s one, the guy who wants to be a rockstar picks a fight with gangsters, who represent… Jazz music. Um, what? And there’s no Jazz music either. There’s barely any ‘Rock’ singing performances in this movie, despite the title Gangsterock.

Acting wise? Well, I honestly had to say them actors participated in a horrible movie that puts their acting level close to the drain. Its nothing great. No matter how experienced they are, the characterization was too bad to handle. There was a scene where the bad guys firing a gun and the actors reacted with an… ok meh, kind of reaction. ITS A FUCKING GUN, ITS LOUD, act properly damnit!!! The characters also kept jumping from bad to good, I just honestly don’t feel to symphatize with anyone in this film. Oh, they have cameos from Chef Wan to… Zaiton Sameon!? Oh my, she’s a legend and her singing was awesome back in the 80’s 90’s… and it was severely bad in this movie. Its so bad, I don’t even recognize who is this person.

Fuck this movie.

This is the one film I kept putting my hands up in the air going, “What the fuck is this shit?!”. Its so bad and incomprehensible that this review became short because there’s nothing to talk about. In short, this is PURE SHIT.

My ratings for this film? How about buried deep below the crust of earth to the point this film doesn’t exist, that’s like -10 along the y-axis. Yes, a -10 out of 10. That’s how low it can go, it can go deeper of course, any way you want it and it’ll be a zero.

I rate this movie –10/10 overall.

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