Celebrity Couple Fizo Omar and Mawar Karim

The Aroma of Love

Teaming up with the celebrity couple; Fizo Omar & Mawar Karim, F&N once again amazes me with interesting recipes (the beautiful words for a simplistic wannabe chef) and ideas. The Aroma Kasih Sayang campaign was launched at FIZOMAWAR Kitchen in collaboration with F&N Dairies.

Aroma Kasih Sayang, simply translated as “The Aroma of Love” was conceptualised with the aim to strengthen bonding moments for family and friends particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.

Seems that this isn’t the first time Fizo had collaborated with F&N either, though! At the launch event, he shared that he had started working with F&N on Cabaran Raja Tarik (2014) and Citarasa Teristimewa Thailand Bersama F&N (2015). He expressed his elation at being presented the opportunity to continue creating more memorable moments for Malaysia with his wife, Mawar, this year for Aroma Kasih Sayang.

Celebrity Couple : Fizo Omar and Mawar Karim
Such a silly romantic duo, their chemistry is really strong in this photo! Or could it be their love for F&N? Hmmm…..

Guess what? Instead of me writing down the recipes on this post, why not I share videos of the recipes concocted by Fizo, Mawar and F&N? Introducing 5 YouTube ‘minisodes’ or mini-episodes featuring the celebrity couple and of course, F&N Sweetened and Evaporated Creamer.

How about making drinks to suit your visiting friends’ clothing colours? Now that would be cool to DIY, providing they’re not wearing all colours of the rainbow…with sparkles! LOL

I’m not really a fan of this drink, but I’m pretty sure you folks are! Mawar learns how to DIY Almond Milk for the ever-so-busy Fizo.

Oooh now this is an interesting twist to the classic Chicken Satay! By using F&N Sweetened Creamer, the marinated chicken will be tender and juicy. Yums!

For this episode, viewers are given two options: Would you prefer Fizo to go ahead with his Western food….or Mawar with her craving for traditional food?

If you chose Western….

Introducing Ayam Masak Merah Lagsana (yes, with recipe too!)

If you chose Traditional…

Go ahead with the classic recipe of Ayam Masak Merah hahahaha

U Jelly? Here’s a simple recipe if you’d like to impress someone with your jelly-caking skills 😀

Ms. Eileen Chan, Senior Marketing Manager of F&N Dairies, hopes that these minisodes will inspire consumers to whip up a special meal for their loved ones, no matter how busy they may be. The YouTube minisodes show snippets of how Fizo and Mawar would go about their busy daily lives but still manage to allocate some time to appreciate delightful meals created with F&N products together.

When asked about their experience on the filming of the Aroma Kasih Sayang minisodes, Fizo and Mawar both agreed that the experience was truly a special one for them, as a number of their close friends and family members made cameo appearances throughout the entire series. Mawar also added that Fizo was so inspired by F&N product’s versatility and quality after following Citarasa Teristimewa Thailand Bersama F&N. It was from there that they had both started to use only F&N in FIZOMAWAR Kitchen and at home.

Hope you’ll enjoy these YouTube mini episodes as much as I had enjoyed watching them myself!

Wishing all fellow Muslims; Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin 🙂

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