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Cobwebs Away, It’s 2017!

I think I’m starting to dislike myself for not updating this blog at all. I have multiple drafts but nothing finalized hahaha. Seriously…this habit needs to go, especially since I’ve been meaning to polish my writing skills. Not that writing these posts will help me much, but at least I’ll get the ball rolling and continue writing all the same.

Sometimes, I wonder if I should practice writing by hand instead (would you believe it, I had to google up what’s the right phrase for that…I almost typed ‘via hand’; my goodness! I really need to buck up on my English) because my handwriting is atrocious due to lack of practice. More than half the time I’d end up squinting at my own doodles because I couldn’t make head nor tail of what I had written down during meetings at work! Tsk tsk

I’m horrible with New Year Resolutions, so I think I won’t create any crazy ones this year. It’s not like I’d follow them anyway so what’s the point? Instead, I’ll keep it simple. My resolve for this blog for this year is to write at least two posts per month. It doesn’t need to be a long-ass post, nor does it need any photos unless I really want it to have photos. I think that’s my biggest stumbling block when it comes to writing down postings – finding the right photos for the post. Which is rather ironic considering I aimed to write more and not upload photos.

Looks like it is time for me to draft out some random topics for me to write about, be it for fiction or life musings. Event updates and product reviews are excluded from this; these types of postings will come as and when it does anyway!

So, if you could challenge me to write something about myself, what would that topic be on?

Cosplay 2015 : Mid Year!

Cosplayer Rarity + 5?

I’m a rare cosplayer. You could ask anyone who knows me and they’ll probably nod their heads in agreement. Most of the time, I’m the helper, or commonly known as ‘saikang’ here. Likely I’m the MUA or makeup artist; always there to lend a helping hand (and brushes) for a quick touch up or the full works.

So I have no idea why this year, my plans went ballistic. Plans that are not completed yet, we shall see how it goes. But most certainly there’s one that needs to be completed by Comic Fiesta 2015. Fingers crossed I’ll get that done on time!

One thing I noticed is that this year, most of my cosplay plans (aside from one impromptu one that you’ll see later) are non-japanese related. Good news? Bad news? Who knows hahahaha. But they’re plans that I do enjoy working on anyway, and that my dear, is the key to these projects! 🙂

Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter) – Sailor Moon Illustration

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection Vol. II

This was a VERY impromptu plan that was thrown together by Narukids, Cappy and Hani. I’m happy to be a part of the team, and OMG casual as this cosplay may be, hunting down the exact clothing items were pretty danged hard! Hahahahaha. As usual procrastination is the key to this cosplan 😛

But still, I’m pretty happy how it hard turned out 🙂

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Jupiter - Sailor Moon

What is Sailor Moon group photoshoot without an actual group photoshoot, eh? 😀

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Tsukino Usagi, Makoto Kino, Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei, Aiko Minako

First Debut: Private Photoshoot

Zatanna- DC Comics

Zatanna DC Comics

I’ve always always wanted to cosplay Zatanna. Like, since forever. It’s just something about Magic that enthralls me (Sailor Moon, anyone?).

This was pretty much an impulsive and impromptu plan for this year; though I’ve been meaning to work on a Zatanna costume it was always just within the “daydream” or “planning” stage and never the “execution” stage lol. Once again the Goddess of Last Minute Good Luck saved me, though I’m still missing my magic wand! Oh well, better save this costume for end of the year 😉

Zatanna DC Comics

I love love LOVE my boots. It was a super impulsive purchase when I was at Singapore and me and my fiancee thought, OMG THAT IS THE PERFECT PAIR OF BOOTS! Though RM to SG was super weak then (it’s worse now SOBS) we still got it anyway. No regrets, apart from our crying wallet hahahahaha.

First debut: Visual Arts Expo (VAX) 2015

Abbey Bominable – Monster High

Oh look, I’m an icy ghoul! This was probably the trickiest cosplan I had to maneuver around as of today. It was a nightmare trying to hunt down the perfect face/body paint and my goodness, those were selling like hotcakes! Thank you Goddess of Last Minute Good Luck T_T

Abbey Bominable - Monster High

I’ll probably debut this costume once again in another convention, but for now….it’s naptime for this cosplan 😛 I’m not too happy with the final results of my makeup honestly, but hah, pulling it off with whatever cosmetics I have lying around at home? That’s good enough for me! 😛

I still gotta figure out how to keep the paint from fading off. Though it stayed on pretty danged well for about 3 hours, I wish it could’ve lasted for another 3 hours more :/

Abbey Bominable - Monster High

Me and mah ghouls are ready for some scare-riffic time at AniManGaki 2015! 😀

Monster High Cosplay

First Debut: AniManGaki 2015


Megurine Luka - World End Dance Hall

Cosplay: Megurine Luka – World’s End Dance Hall illustration version.

Debut: AniManGaki 2014

This photo was taken in a studio.

I was pink last year and blue this year. Wonder what will next year be for me?

This has got to be my busiest cosplay year yet! I don’t usually churn out cosplans/costumes like butter so having more than one costume in a year is pretty epic for me hahaha. Stay tuned for Comic Fiesta 2015 for a new cosplan that I’ll be debuting with my friends! 😉
Hint: It’s something retro and something Western.