Video Games Live

Coming Real Soon: Video Games Live

Yep you read it right. Video Games Live (VGL) is coming real soon to KL! 😀

Video Games Live at Kuala Lumpur

After several hiccups last year due to unforeseen circumstances, VGL had to be postponed to the following year. But it looks like everything is all geared up and ready to go again (fingers crossed there won’t be anymore ‘out-of-our-control’ mishaps this time!)


When: 27 February 2016

Mark your calendars, get your e-tickets ready, cause VGL is coming real soon! 😀

Video Games Live at Kuala Lumpur

Location: Stadium Negara

I am actually looking forward to this year’s location for VGL, honestly. Mind you, I’m no big fan of crowded areas (i’m such a claustrophobic) but it does seem like a pretty neat place for not just an awesome concert, but also other activities planned out for the evening (I’ll get into that in a bit!)


Pac Man Cosplay @ Sunway Pyramid

Fun Fest: Food Trucks, Cosplay, Flea Market, Awesome Music

One of the things that made me look forward for this event is not just the concert itself, but everything else that will also be there. When one combines a myriad of food trucks and video games (Yes! You can game and score some prizes on that day too) and cosplay, the results may be well worth the wait indeed. Of course, if those aren’t your cup of tea there’s always the flea market to browse through to add on to your collection at home 😉


Game On 2.0 cosplay competition at Video Games Live Kuala Lumpur

Cosplay: Game On

Speaking of cosplay, be sure to check out the contest finalists of Game On 2.0 at the stadium. Don’t forget to be polite and ask the cosplayers if they’re cool taking a pic with you or to pose for your camera. It’s always nice to ask, remember that! 🙂


Show’s over, but not the party!

Still buzzed over VGL? Join the rest of the concert-goers at Stratosphere@The Roof from 8pm onwards and continue your gaming experience with your peeps!
The party starts at Stratosphere@The Roof’s rooftop bar before heading down to where Armon and his band (VGL The Concerts opening act) will be playing live at Hide. Feeling thirsty? Check out the exclusive, Video Games Live ‘theme’ cocktails for the night!

Oh and by the way, you don’t have had to attend the concert to attend the VGL 😀 So if you have friends who couldn’t make it for the concert, invite them over for the After Party instead!

All After Party tickets can be purchased separately and open to all (download
the 11pass11 ticketing app now to purchase the tickets). Tickets are priced at RM100 each and you’ll get a ticket to the party AND a special VGL cocktails made especially for our event! How cool is that? Choose one or all four (if you have the budget to spare) from the specially crafted cocktails concocted by the bartenders at Stratosphere that’s (obviously haha) exclusive for that night only. I only know of the cocktail names, but man they sound intriguing indeed! The four cocktail names are: Devil May Cry, Running Chocobo, Arkham Night, Volgin. Which would you choose? 😀

Oh and here’s a plus! Your ticket will also get you a special deal on bottle packages for entry into Play, The Roof’s premier club. (Attention: cosplayers will get a FREE entry into Play & Hide for the night. So….what are you waiting for?)

NOTE: Stratosphere is a bar and if it’s not clear in my ramblings above, this place serves alcohol. So no underage kids, please! You gotta be 18 and above to attend this after party 😉

#VGLKL 2016

Let’s talk about the actual concert now, shall we? I won’t bore you with too many details about it but here are some excerpts I think you’d find interesting enough.

From the classics of Mario, Zelda, Halo, Final Fantasy, Warcraft through to League of Legends, the show bring you a 30 piece orchestra (our own National Symphony Orchestra of Istana Budaya), a live band (led by Video Games Live founder/creator Tommy Tallarico himself), choir and opera singer to bring the soundtracks to life!

Pssst! I heard that the Phoenix Wright OST will also grace its presence in the list above! YAY US!

This year we will not only see a band led by Tommy Tallarico himself on stage; it will also feature the famed soloist Jillian Aversa and renowned conductor Eimear Noone! They, in turn, will be supported by our very own Istana Budaya’s National Symphony Orchestra, and a choir coupled with fantastic sound, light and stage effects! To top it all off, our own home-grown band, Armon performing as the Video Games Live The Concert’s opening act. 

Got you excited yet? 😉

Tickets are still available and they are priced from RM45 onwards. For more information about the concert or other events surrounding it, visit now.

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