Ragnarok Online - Photo Credit to Steam Games

Ragnarok Online, Simply Classic

I remember the good old days when I first joined this MMORPG. Fascinated by the job classes offered, my younger self was bedazzled by the endless joys of meeting new friends and leveling up together.

Oddly enough, I can still recall the very first RO Guild I joined, the first character I had created, and the numerous hours invested in this game that had lasted throughout teenage years when the Malaysian server was still Free to Play. Azure Legionnaire was my guild, and guild leaders were Stalvros and Fate. I was an acolyte and was brought to Glast Heim to level up by my two guild mates (hunter & max level swordie).

I watched as Ragnarok Online progressed over time, seeing new updates in storyline, maps and job classes. Though I played the game on and off (I have a horribly short attention span lol!) by the end of the day I cannot let go of the game that had invoked far too many childhood memories for me.

Ragnarok Online Third Job Class
Image Credit goes to ROguides.co.in

Fast forward a couple of years later, I started playing RO with friends I got to know through Comic Fiesta. And from there the story just kept on progressing. I had so much fun playing this MMORPG that I even started planning my cosplay projects around them!

Ragnarok Online Cosplay - Chibi Blacksmith and Assassin Cross
Chibi Blacksmith (official illustration version) and Assassin Cross, both from Ragnarok Online

Definitely loads of fun, though crafting the equipment was a pain! Worth it, but whoa the pain!

Even now in the year 2016, I’m still susceptible to the ‘Ragnarok Online’ nostalgia. Which is why I started playing RO once again, only this time on a different Private Server called Dreamer RO. Tons of fun, interesting quests and mini games, and all in all a cool place to be at. Some may scoff, for there’s quite a fair bit of ‘shortcuts’ as they may put it. But for me, it’s the gameplay that makes it fun. I’m a tad bored right now though, cause no one’s in game with me just yet. But solo-ing can be pretty cool, even if I would die frequently under the hands of MVPs hahaha 😛

Dreamer RO

My fave job classes so far would be the Wanderer and Creator, and it’s in my plans to cosplay Wanderer one day. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to do that eventually! (it is time to work out and eat smart)


An interesting concept in this private server is that you’re giving ‘mercenary tickets’ that will aid you in leveling up fast in a custom map called “Death Map”. I’m not kidding about the speed of leveling; I attained my Mechanic (Novice > Merchant > Blacksmith > High Novice > High Merchant > Whitesmith > Mechanic) in less than an hour! All thanks to the help of the mercenary spearman and this map.

Of course, what’s the fun in that? Hahaha 😛 as soon as you hit the max level (500 base, 120 job) there’ll be another goal to achieve: Hero level. I won’t spoil too many details here (check out the game for yourself!) but I am quite daunted by the long list of items needed to achieve this status. And the amount of zeny needed (1 bil zeny to ensure a promising victory to defeat a certain MVP for this quest). So if you think life will be boring after you’ve achieved the max level in this game, think again 😛

Have I whetted your RO-ppetite yet? 🙂


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