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What’s New? Video Games Live at Kuala Lumpur

As mentioned in my previous blog post, Video Games Live will be coming real soon at Kuala Lumpur (psst: February 2016 yay!). So if you’re excited for this upbeat and family friendly concert event, here’s some new updates that may just attract your attention a great deal more.

superhero fight
image: George Perez/Marvel Entertainment/DC Entertainment

Mixed Martial Arts : “Super Hero Fight Out”

An interesting new addition to the event, certainly. MMA enthusiasts, rejoice! And if you’re a fan of super heroes this will definitely sweeten the deal for you. Tune Talk is bringing in this caged fight to the grounds of Video Games Live this year.

If you’re like me who’s wondering whether this will be kid-friendly (family event, remember?) the fret not! These fights are basically ‘for demonstrations only’ so you can chill out and have fun watching the ‘Live Action’ fight scene.

Extra: Tune Talk subscribers will also get a special 15% discount on concert tickets (except for Moat, Maze & VIP Experience). Head over to for more info! 😀


http broadband
image: thenextweb

Full Broadband Access

We’ve all experienced horrible connectivity issues when it comes to extremely crowded spaces in the past. This year, P1 will be providing the event with high speed broadbamd in and around Stadium Negara. So no fear of a sudden loss of Internet connectivity when you’re about to upload that important photo on Instagram of Facebook or even Twitter 😀


Video Games Live activities

Be A Part of the (Video) Games

Feeling peckish? Check out the food trucks for a wide array of food and drinks available.

Itching to buy something? Browse through the wares on sale at their Flea Market.

Oh, you’re still bored? Then how about this: immerse yourselves in a series of video games like Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for FREE. Yep, that’s right. Go crazy and start gaming for FREE while you wait for the concert to begin 😀

Just head over to Kyo’s Game Mart on the day itself and register yourself to start gaming with your buddies.


red bull energy drink
image: businesscloudnews

Charge Up with Redbull!

Have fun with tons and tons of Redbull (don’t overdo it though!) at their Chieftain truck and other simulators. The truck alone is worth checking out, for it’s like a mini Transformer on its own (or so I’ve been told). Imagine watching a truck transform into a mobile entertainment platform with its own stage, screens, speakers, and a DJ! Whoa :O

Oh yeah, the energy drinks are the imported ones too. Get them at a special price on that day – twinpack for RM12 or 6 cans for RM32. On normal days, these imported cans would cost approximately RM10 at any events and RM7 at any retail outlets.


VGL Live in concert 2

Tickets! Get your Tickets today!

There are three ways to get your tickets today (YES you can still get them!)

  1. Download the 11pass11 app (available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store) to get your tickets and updates.
  2. Buy your tickets online on their website
  3. Get them at any of these Rock Corner outlets (Bangsar Village, The Gardens Mall, The Curve, and Subang Parade)


Now here comes the unfortunate news…

Jillian Aversa, renowned singer and Video Games Live soloist, as well as a famed singer on video games soundtracks like Halo and God….won’t be attending Video Games Live in KL this year due to health difficulties 😦 Here’s to wishing her a speedy recovery all the same!

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