handmade glass cabochon by silvennia

Galaxy Drops

I haven’t been blogging much about the craft works that I have done, so why not start the new year with one? Though I believe I’m somewhat late for the ‘New Year’, well….better late than never eh? šŸ˜›

Recently I’ve been working my sorry behind nonstop as and when I am able to (Chinese New Year preparations are always a killer on a yearly basis) on this craft project because I am attending a craft bazaar as a vendor. *gasp*

Even so, I haven’t managed to finish much. I’m pretty happy with the results (first few tries were FASHION MELTDOWN DISASTERS) in the end, though I wish I have more materials to work with too.

Handmade glass cabochon charms that resembles miniature galaxy

These charms are pretty tiny; approximately 15mm in diameter? Ā Each ‘drops’ design is one of a kind (because conformity is boring) and I had so much fun playing around with the colour combinations!

2016-02-05 02.45.53

Personally I think the fun part about making this charms is that I can do whatever I want with it. If I’m not into ‘bling blang’ necklaces, having this linked charm is the perfect subtlety I can have for a simple necklace. Can’t stand having too many ‘jangles’ on your wrist? Link this charm (or charms) with a simple chain strand and you have yourself a decent bracelet šŸ˜€

2016-02-17 04.08.32

Sadly, I don’t have enough chains to make a whole bunch of bracelets/necklaces. So I resorted to using suede leather as my bracelet medium. Turned out pretty well surprisingly. Loving the ‘teenage-y’ look, if you get what I mean.

2016-02-05 02.47.48

Imagine havingĀ miniature galaxies bedecking your style!

Galaxy Drops will be sold at The Craft Affair happening at Main Place USJ this weekend (20 & 21 February 2016). I’ll be partnering TinyPinc Miniatures for this, so do swing by if you’re free! Please note, however, that the both of us will only be there on Saturday 20 February 2016.

A craft bazaar for handmade items and specializes in art & craft workshops


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