Cobwebs Away, It’s 2017!

I think I’m starting to dislike myself for not updating this blog at all. I have multiple drafts but nothing finalized hahaha. Seriously…this habit needs to go, especially since I’ve been meaning to polish my writing skills. Not that writing these posts will help me much, but at least I’ll get the ball rolling andContinue reading “Cobwebs Away, It’s 2017!”

#BudgetTips : How To Save Money on Food

Is it really that hard to save up on food money? I asked this question on Twitter and got some interesting suggestions in return. Some are pretty cool to implement while others are not for the faint-hearted.

Affordable. Fashionable. Hooked.

Being a thrifty shopaholic, I’m always on the lookout for great deals, bargain buys, and ‘worth it’ apparels. And trust me, nothing says awesome more than Hook Clothing. For those who have been around long enough to recall the days of ‘blogshops’ this online boutique may sound familiar to you as “Tanks For 5” instead.Continue reading “Affordable. Fashionable. Hooked.”

#QUOTES : Live Love Enjoy

There is always that one quote or multiple quotes that would trigger the determination and positive emotions in you. Whether it is to boost morale at work, strengthen your self-esteem or even some random quotes to amuse yourself for the day…quotes are great. I have my fair share of quotes that I’d like to liveContinue reading “#QUOTES : Live Love Enjoy”