#QUOTES : Live Love Enjoy

There is always that one quote or multiple quotes that would trigger the determination and positive emotions in you. Whether it is to boost morale at work, strengthen your self-esteem or even some random quotes to amuse yourself for the day…quotes are great.
I have my fair share of quotes that I’d like to live by if possible, and these two are but a few of the many that I have. What’s your special quote, and why? 😉

no one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Let’s face it. We all had our painful moments (or at least, I do!) where we would feel small, insignificant and diminished in the presence of others. Whether the action was intentional or otherwise, it still hurts.

Try instead to look at things differently.See it in a different perspective; yes, perhaps even with rose-coloured glasses. Still hurts? Smile and vent your emotions in a positive manner (take up writing, dancing, drawing…anything that can help you ease the frustration before it becomes dangerously explosive).

Me, I prefer gaming. Whether violent games (lol) or cognitive games like Hidden Object Games (HOG) I often find solace in this digital space. The sad corner where a single player can have fun 😛

gaming inspirational quote

Again, I love to game. Not a full time hardcore serious gamer, but sufficient enough to find happiness in the little achievements in life.

  • Got a new office chair? Brilliant! +5 concentration
  • Bought a little cactus for your workplace? +2 concentration +10 HP +5 happiness
  • Too much work? – 20 HP -5 stamina

^ so if that happens, how would you deal with it? 😉

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