How to survive without coffee…literally

Everyone who knows me would know that I’m a crazy coffee addict. My coffee binge record would be 8 cups in less than 10 hours. But as we all know, too much of something is bad for our body. Coffee isn’t that different either.

Oddly enough, while I did initially start taking coffee for the need of caffeine to keep my adrenaline pumped up throughout the day, I eventually grew out of that craving. Instead, I began appreciating coffee exactly for what it is: Coffee. The dark bitter river saturated with caffeine and a rich roast aroma (does that even make sense?).

Sadly, old habits are hard to break. I still need my caffeine boost, and while I am shying away from coffee over consumption…I still need my caffeine boost. Previously, I would drink at least 3 cups of coffee per day (which is bad). Gradually, I had cut it down to one cup per day (bad, but still okay I guess?).

There were times where I would do my very utmost best to avoid coffee. It worked…for a couple of days. Then I’m back to savouring the yummy goodness of coffee. Of course, control is the key all the same. So no more than one cup for me!

Even so, I still needed alternatives. Everyone needs alternatives. It helps keep things balanced somehow. Not to mention fun, since you get to explore the many ways to overcome the caffeine addiction 😛 (wait, am I rambling about coffee or caffeine again? Oh well! It should definitely be about caffeine!). So here’s a couple ways I have developed to put a hold on COFFEE without putting a hold on an energy boost.


Number 5: Coke Zero


Coca Cola Zero is an alternative to coffee for caffeine

Probably the cheapest method (and thrill) to get your energy boost is by consuming Coca-Cola Zero. Not exactly a healthy option but it does give you the right buzz. Do this only if you’re trying to skip coffee desperately from your system.

I like: Adding a slice of lemon into my drink for that extra sour bite

Number 4: Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice is a healthy alternative to coffee for energy boost

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well, fruits do help give you an awesome boost of energy as well. Try a blend of apples, oranges and carrots for your wake up call. Need a zing? Add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice in and a dash of zest if you like! Or if you’re not the type to wake up early in the morning to concoct your blend, get your fix at the nearest Boost Juice or Juice Works instead. Or any of the artisan juicery like Juice Me (Penang), The Organic Juicery (Selangor) and Juicy Retreat (Klang Valley).

I love: Brekkie to GoGo (Boost Juice) and Wake Me Up (Juice Works)

Number 3: English Breakfast Tea


Did you know that black tea contains 40-70 mg caffeine per 240ml cup? That’s approximately half the amount in a cup of coffee! So if coffee isn’t your thing, try this bitter swill for a change. I love EBT, not only because it contains caffeine but because I love tea in general! I just wish Earl Grey had equal amount of caffeine in it too lol.

I enjoy it with: A dash of honey and a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil to keep me refreshingly awake 😀

Number 2: Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits are good healthy alternative to Red Bull or Coffee for energy boost

Can’t be bothered juicing up those fruits for your energy boost? Then grab a couple of washed fruits to munch on-the-go. My fave are apples, cause they’re really sweet, juicy and crunchy. Another option would be a banana; it gives a terrific pack of energy to help you going on for the day. Top it up with some peanut butter and you’re in for an awesome healthy snack!

What I like: One Banana, One Apple, a couple of seedless grapes.

Number 1: ISAGENIX E+ Booster

Isagenix E+ botanical beverage is a caffeine alternative to coffee and also a great energy booster

My new fave, literally. These shots were introduced to me by a friend and in all honesty, I’m hooked! Well, not ‘addicted’ sort of hooked. These small babies (approximately 59ml per bottle) has enough caffeine to keep you boosted for almost one whole day…with minimal side effects (hint: remember how crazy you had gotten when you took a can or half-can of Red Bull or Monster Energy…?). I’m on Day 4 with this little rascal, and so far so good! I won’t say it’s terrifically awesome, since I’ve been immune to anything that would give me an energy boost via caffeine…but it does help by a lot! Instead of getting random energy crashes (which is bad, real bad. Red Bull caused me to slump by my desk for a whole hour after my energy level depleted 2 hours after consumption) I could feel my energy level stabilize throughout the day. I rarely yawn, I rarely zone out. My focus is back on, bay-beh!

Now like all drinks, there is usually a bout of side effects that’s bound to appear. Interestingly enough though, none for me so far. A friend claimed that this drink gave him a boost of happy hyperness, while another claimed (and acknowledged by friends) that he became ultra zen throughout this period. My man, though, fell asleep 7 hours after consumption (he took a catnap in office to recharge) but nothing worse than that.

I guess the only ‘negative’ side effect for me is that I tend to yawn still (tiredness) even after taking this? Not exactly a side effect, but it sorta defeats the purpose of having an energy booster if it doesn’t boost your energy up hahaha. But it does keep me focused instead of my eyelids slooooooooooowly drooping down in front of my laptop or notepad. So that’s all good for me 😀


Now, this drink is originally meant for those working out. I can see why though, it does help stabilizing your energy levels to make sure it doesn’t falter along the way. But I don’t work out. I work in (office). So as an office junkie, I’d give my thumbs up on this 😀 plus it is relatively cheap too…well, cheaper than me heading to Starbucks anyway.

Flavour: Apple Raspberry & Pomegranate Flavour

Taste: Like cough mixture, with a hint of minty aftertaste. Sounds disgusting, but it’s not so bad really.

Contains: Water, apple juice concentrate, herbal extract (Lera complex), raspberry juice concentrate, pomegranate juice concentrate, sweet berry mint flavour, yerba mate extract, green tea extract, stevia extract, D-ribose

Consumption: One bottle per day, two bottles maximum. Try finishing it off at one go, but if you can’t it lasts up to 72 hours when refrigerated.


  • Not as sweet as your typical energy drinks out there.
  • Contains natural sweetness (Stevia) instead of artificial sweeteners.
  • There’s no sudden spike of energy before a massive ‘crash’, your energy level will deplete gradually over time.


  • Because of the Raspberry flavour, the drink is like consuming cough mixture (tastes somewhat like Benadryl to me, only slightly sweeter and less artificial lol)
  • You’ll get hunger pangs more frequently. This drink increases your metabolism rate, which in turn affects your hunger level. A silver lining to this is that at least hey, you get to eat more with less guilt! Of course, be moderate about it, k? 😉
  • You can’t take coffee anymore (it’s a con for me cause I love my coffee SOBS)
  • DO NOT CONSUME IF you’re suffering from heart problems, low blood pressure or high blood pressure.
  • This energy booster isn’t available in-stores at the moment. But if you’re keen to try it out for yourself feel free to ping me on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll direct you to where you can grab some for yourselves 🙂
  • Price not stated. Please ask me privately for the pricing, cause I’m not too sure if I’m at liberty to state it out publicly.
  • I am in not endorsed to write this review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are mine. I have purchased Isagenix E+ for my own usage, hence the personal review.

So that’s my take of avoiding over-consuming coffee. What about you? 😀

Bravo 5 – A Movie Review

A Guest Review by Mogi (Rage)

I have been initially skeptical with the poster.

So, it has been a long while since we have another patriotic movie in the form of army movie. We do have some before, the likes of Leftenan Adnan, Bukit Kepong, Sarjan Hassan, Darah Satria, and many more that I haven’t encountered; they may exist…or maybe not. Anyway, this new movie is meant to showcase the struggle of our army in defending our country and for patriotism.

They did mention that this film is also based on a true story. BUT. From the looks of it, I have my doubts. This adds a whole new level of, I quote Hassan Mutalib “F*****G BS”.


The summary is dastardly simple.

It’s basically ‘The Lone Survivor’ localized; two Malays, one Indian, one Chinese, and one Sarawakian in the Bravo 5 movie. They were tasked to rescue this one Malay soldier from the Communists, and somehow they screwed up big time. In the end…well, why do you think I likened this movie to ‘The Lone Survivor’?

Why does the movie suck to me, you ask?

The movie background is set around 1989 I believe; I’m shocked that Communists are still wandering around and that they are still our greatest enemy at the time. Isn’t that like, the 60’s 70’s problem?

At the start of the film, the characters are established. We have Remy Ishak, a man who left his newly wedded wife because he is needed (get this) by the country. Oh, the wife is played by Siti Saleha, whose role is just… as a wife, and i’ll tell you the other part later. Then we have the Chinese guy, then the Indian, and then the… who is this guy, they obscure the face because he was in a sniping position, then it transitioned to a room where he is presented as a silhouette and we STILL can’t tell who he is. Next, we get cut to Beto’s character, and I was mistaking him as the same character but apparently it isn’t. It’s only until the show all 5 of them Bravo guys, I realized oh they have this Sarawak fella. Where the hell does he come from?

The most baffling thing I’ve seen in this movie is that the communists went HAIL HYDRA pose (the exact damn pose) while shouting MAO ZEDONG. Really, is this what the communists do their salute? Mao Zedong is miles away in China, and Communism doesn’t mean refer to Mao Zedong is the great leader, there’s f******g Russia, f*****g Stalin man.

The cinematography is awful. The camerawork is like, what is its purpose? It’s like the cinematographer had just kept moving the camera to make it alive than static, but he kept dollying around left and right until the shots are all meaningless. The camerawork is a character. It plays a narrative role; but in this film, it doesn’t! Sometimes the soldiers went into the jungle, and for no bloody reason the shot changes from daytime to nighttime. You can tell the difference by the lighting. It’s an awful lot more when they shoot everything in the dark, pitch black, no rim light silhouette and such, this film is so black, its blacker than my coffee, i can’t see shit captain! When they have a shootout scene, it was so dark I can’t tell who shoot whom, who died, what the hell happened here?

Character-wise, not that great. We have Siti Saleha here who ends up getting raped and died. That’s it, that’s her character. The Indian fella has this father, on every f*****g shot he’s in, he always CRY. Then we have this father of Remy, who talks to his kampung friends how sucky the communists are; like it was a forced message and for what purpose? Their forced message conversation acting sucks so bad. During the raping incident, the father managed to intervene against the communists, and he wallop a couple of karate chops at the three of them, I could hear a movie goer shouting, why didn’t the communists just shoot the fella? And he did, he gets shot in the head, after whacking several people in the first run. The Bravo 5 movie shares their stories but I feel its so underdeveloped. The bad guys however are pretty cheesy, especially if one would compare them to the Bukit Kepong movie that was filmed back in the 80’s. These guys made more convincing Communists than this one. MAO ZEDONG? What the hell man?

Plot holes, scenes that doesn’t make any sense at all. For example, when the father stomps the floor (for god knows what reason!), the filmmakers had even made the effect more prominent. Why?

The fighting scenes? They kept playing this ramping 300 slow motion shit to the point it’s annoying. The camera kept moving and shaking around; even with the quick editing it doesn’t make the scenes any better. To me that had probably made it way worse. I can’t tell what’s going on as well. Haven’t they learn what Jackie Chan or Donnie Yen rules of fighting scenes? KEEP IT SIMPLE. This film isn’t. It’s a cluttered mess of shit.

The gore is bad. You see this guy covered in blood. Oh, it’s so painted red like it covers the whole body with red paint. It’s so obvious that it’s paint because it doesn’t look like blood at all. It’s so red, I doubt that the color code in Photoshop can even comply to such colors. There is also a moment where we see bodies of dead communists, where at this one instance they had just Photoshop’ed blood or bullet holes on a person…and it’s clearly obvious that they’re Photoshop’ed!

The film climax pits against the last character against the last communists (he he he). So they have a fight scene hand to hand combat (and awful too) only at the last minute the last dude gets a deus ex machina from… suddenly appearing trap who impales the final villain. Where the f**k does that come from again? Where’s the establishment of that. True story my ass, what a sheer coincidence they ran to this situation by sheer luck.

The forced message in this film just doesn’t make me felt patriotic even, it made me feel moronic.

My ratings for this film? How about a big F**K YOU for wasting my f**king money you fuck.

And to the people who gave it a good rating and say its the best film, F**K YOU too.
You are the scum who made the industry worst. You’re not honest, you’re a lowly shit.

I rate this movie5/10 overall.

Urban Stove : A Food Solution for Urbanites?

Surprise your loved one with these delicious ‘dinner for two’ or a full-fledged dinner meal for your family. If you’re one of those type who wants to eat really good food, but tend to be lazy when it comes to hunting down recipes and sorting out the right ingredients for the respective recipes….well. You should check out Urban Stove then!

Contrary to those ‘food trucks’ and ‘food deliveries’ we get out there like Burger Bakar, Simply Sandwiches etc, Urban Stove caters for those who still WANTS to cook at home, but packing up the right amount of ingredients for each recipe given.

What Urban Stove Aims To Achieve

Our mission is to make home cooking fast, easy and fun. we understand the pressures of modern living adn how it can whittle away our precious time. That’s why we aim to simplify your life by doing the heavy lifting for you when it comes to cooking – from creating recipes, running out to groceries, preparing and pre-portioning the ingredients to delivering all these to your doorstep.

quick and easy homecooked meals

What’s so different about Urban Stove?

In case you’re wondering why am I raving about Urban Stove, here are some of my reasonings (coming from one who loves to cook for others I might add!):

Fresh ingredients all the way

For every meal recipe, ingredients packed and delivered are at tip top condition with the absence of bruises and/or any ‘nasties’. These fresh ingredients are carefully selected and packed in a well-insulated box, layered generously with ice packs to ensure that nothing goes bad on delivery. I had my box for about 6 hours by the way, since I had it delivered to office first! So I can attest that the packaging is a good one 😀

The right portion

Personally, one of the many headaches of cooking for one or two is the amount of ingredients needed. I mean, it is NOT cheap buying ingredients in smaller portion than in bulk at times. For example, feel like having a bowl of cold spinach and spring onions in your omelette? Buying these ingredients would mean that you gotta buy them in a big bunch (most of the time anyway, unless you have the time to head over to a wet market and carefully select your small bunch. But even then, is it worth it traveling all the way to the market for a small bunch of leaves?) and pray you finish them all before the greens start to wilt in your fridge.

With Urban Stove, there’s definitely no worries as they pack just the right amount for a meal for two. It may look like a small amount when you first unbox the packets, but trust me, it is enough. Plus, it also means that you have a bigger room for ‘add-on’ ingredients too! 😛

Recipe Cards

Okay so you have the ingredients in hand for a meal, but what do you do next? Fear not! Urban Stove also includes recipe cards that has pretty pictures and clear instructions on what to do next. Trust me when I say it is THAT simple! The plus side is that you now have spanking great recipe cards for future cookout adventures.

Different Meals Every Week

Last but not least, Urban Stove do not serve the same meal every week! The chefs work real hard to make sure that each meal will be dished out at its finest, and well, to also make sure that you won’t get sick of the same menu every week (oh the horror!)

I am truly sorry because Impatient Me had completely forgotten to take a quick Unboxing video/photos and went straight to making one of the meals I had gotten for the week then. #ImpatientChef

All the same, have a look at one of the meals that I had taken a photo & video of: Beef Shepherd’s Pie.

View this post on Instagram

The perfect meal for two tonight : beef shepherds pie and a side salad. The best part is all raw ingredients were packaged specially for this meal, so that means I have no need to overspend on raw ingredients just to make the meal for only one night (I say this because I'm rarely home early to cook a nice meal for me and my fiancé lol). Plus it's not that expensive! It's roughly RM27.80 for this meal, which you guys know is waaaaaaay cheaper than ordering it at restaurants! Got you interested? Check out @urbanstove then! You'll love it for sure (their menu changes at every order) #foodstagram #foodporn #foodlove #yummy #omnomnom #latergram #foodie #SilvyCooks #SilHappyDays #homemade #food #western #dinner

A post shared by silvennia (@silvennia) on

Gotten you impressed yet?

Head over to Urban Stove then and check out what is this week’s menu!

There are always 5 different menu selection weekly, and you get to choose 3 recipes for a certain price. If you’re worried about the price, my advice is to think back on the food expenses you would fork out every week for a meal for two (family plan is still in the works for Urban Stove) and compare it to this package plan. You’ll be surprised at the amount that you’ll save 🙂

So go on, impress your loved ones with your l33t skillz in the kitchen today! 😀

Mr.Holmes : A Movie Review

A Guest Review by Mogi (Calm)

Who is Sherlock Holmes according to everyone? He is a famous character, a great detective who solves crime by his impressive wit, intelligence, and focus. He also was envisioned as a man who smokes with a pipe and wear a deerstalker hat. Now that is the Sherlock Holmes we all know, a character. Or perhaps the Sherlock we all know is because Benedict Cumberbatch made a lot of raving fangirls who crave for more of his take on the character.

This film is NOT about the ‘character’, Sherlock Holmes.

This film is about the ‘person‘ who is Sherlock Holmes.

Mr Holmes starring Ian McKellen
Photo Credit: Artrix UK

Wondering what I’m getting here? Here, let me explain:

The film focuses on the elderly Sherlock Holmes, the very same person you all familiar with, only with a difference; it’s a take of him as a ‘real person’ who inspires the very ‘character’ of Sherlock Holmes we all knew. He doesn’t wear a deerstalker hat, he doesn’t smoke pipe, he does solve crimes, he is very wit and intelligent, everything here is a subtle take than the exagerration of the character we once knew. Its a very meta approach which puts Watson as the writer of all Sherlock cases that we’ve been exposed to (which is actually written by Sir Conan Doyle) but when writing in paper, fantasies and fiction are there to spice things up from reality. This film is about the reality; we are presented with Mr. Holmes in which instead of staying in-character, it develops around his character further.

The elderly Sherlock is in retirement, away from Baker Street, no more Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and anything else you knew. Here he is away from the town, living in a farmhouse mending the bees and honeys. He has been retired for about 30 after the last case. There he lives with Mrs. Munro and her son Roger. Roger is curious of how Sherlock does his things and eager to know what Sherlock is writing about his last case, a case which he himself writes, not much of fiction and exaggeration as what is dear Watson did in the old days. Sherlock has an issue however, his memory is fading, and he must finish up his writing before he dies or he’ll never be complete. Will he be able to finish writing his last case, what is the story behind it? Roger and Holmes grew closer like a student and mentor, not at solving crimes, but the usage of intellect. Its a mystery film as well, presented are three cases, Sherlock’s last case, what depopulates his bee farm, and why Sherlock went all the way to Japan?

An interesting reference to Sherlock’s character is that a film within a film about Sherlock Holmes dealing with his case, in which Sherlock himself watches it. For those who have watched ‘Young Sherlock Holmes’, there’s an interesting cameo if you can still juggle your memory and notice him. Don’t worry, his role is that obvious.

Though the main character may be an elderly man, which makes it hard to relate because most of us are young and not 92, we relate instead to Roger, a young boy whose curious about Sherlock and we learn the ways and the narrative of the story of how Sherlock came to be. Its an interesting framing of narrative which unlocks the mystery gradually from a perspective of a fresh young man over an experience elderly man.

The film is a story of redemption, we are presented of Mr. Holmes in his struggle to regain his memory and intelligent wit. He also wanted to atone his struggles of his last cases and desire to be the very man he was back then. Its not that depressing, it gives a lighter look in life.

The film is also meta referential between reality and fiction. As what mention, it compares these two to give a certain depth between expectation and facts. Its an interesting discussion that how much fiction can we live in to fool ourselves against the damned reality, but sometimes a bit of fictional exaggeration can be a very good thing. The same message we get from Tim Burton’s Big Fish. Lo may reality differs than what we expect, its better to believe in such fictional imagination and get on with it.

Personally, it gives me a refreshing take to explore a depth of character within a person as if real life, not much of this hollywood bullshit follow the formula, instead we are taken a trip of experience of a famous character like never before. A good 9 out of 10 would suffice, I left the cinema with satisfaction.

I rate this movie 9/10 overall.

He Named Me MALALA : A Movie Review

He Named Me Malala….WHY?

He Named Me MALALA

First and foremost, thank you groupMAD for inviting me to the private screening of the film documentary “He Named Me Malala”. I admit that I was pretty dubious at first, mainly because I truly am not a fan of any form of documentary films (Sorry, I’m pretty much a cartoon and ‘no-brainer’ movies type of person LOL). However I decided to attend all the same, mainly because the synopsis had caught my attention.

He Named Me Malala - Inspirational Quote
Image Credit: The Legacy Project

About the film

HE NAMED ME MALALA is an intimate portrait of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai, who was targeted by the Taliban and severely wounded by a gunshot when returning home on her school bus in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. The then 15-year-old was singled out, along with her father, for advocating for girls’ education, and the attack on her sparked an outcry from supporters around the world. She miraculously survived and is now a leading campaigner for girls’ education globally as co-founder of the Malala Fund.

malala yousafzai quote
Image Credit: homoeconomicusnet

An Inspiration

As I watched the film, I find myself admiring Malala’s perseverance and humility, especially in regards to her perspective based on her religion: Islam.

With one simple sentence, she had summed up (at the age of 16) what I have been trying to explain to people everywhere (I’m quite dense when it comes to keeping it short and simple lol):

“Islam is a religion of peace, humanity and brotherhood.”

Short and simple, yes? Well, she said something else after that too:

“[the Taliban] think that God is a tiny, little conservative being who would send girls to the hell just because of going to school. The terrorists are misusing the name of Islam and Pashtun society for their own personal benefits.”

There are many inspirational quotes that she had spouted throughout the documentary, be in within the four walls of her home in the states or at the UN itself.

malala education quote
Image Credit: ET Online

Family Comes First

Emotions welled up when the filmmaker, David Guggenheim, panned the scenario where young Malala was admitted to the hospital. Her parents were (understandably) frantic with worry, and were bracing for the worst outcome possible. Miraculously, Malala survived the bloody ordeal. Her first sentence when her eyes fluttered open was, “Where’s my father?”.

The father was overjoyed at, but they were too scared to meet his own daughter. He felt guilty, thinking that his daughter would accuse him for being the cause of this unfortunate ‘accident’, as it was due to him encouraging her to speak her thoughts out that this horror had occurred. Malala, on the other hand, was adamant that her father did nothing to push her to speak her thoughts out. Supportive, yes. Never persistent.

Another view of her family was shown when they had moved to the states. How her mother struggled to learn the English language, and while she wasn’t too happy being in the States, she does her very best to adapt in the neighbourhood. How her two brothers show unconditional brotherly love towards her, but are not blind to her faults. How her father is always there right next to her, to guide and support; he is her best friend.

(Hey this was uploaded only a week ago!)

WHY should you watch He Named Me MALALA?

This documentary film has the potential to inspire people. Let the voice of Malala and move you into action to raise the voices of marginalized groups, particularly girls to go to school; i.e. for their right to education. Remember, even one voice will be heard if silence dominates everyone else.
Will you be one of the few to make your stand? Or are you still thinking that women do not deserve these, and Malala ‘had it coming for her’ when she was shot at the head for even daring to stand up and fight for education for girls? Will you side the ones who warned Malala to never step foot in Pakistan again, lest she wishes to put an end to her life? Or would you see to it that children are given equal rights for education?

Noteworthy Articles & Social Postings

How Malala Spends her 18th Birthday

“I am honored to mark my 18th birthday with the brave and inspiring girls of Syria. I am here on behalf of the 28 million children who are kept from the classroom because of armed conflict. Their courage and dedication to continue their schooling in difficult conditions inspires people around the world and it is our duty to stand by them,” Malala said. “On this day, I have a message for the leaders of this country, this region and the world – you are failing the Syrian people, especially Syria’s children. This is a heartbreaking tragedy – the world’s worst refugee crisis in decades.”

A Birthday Request from Malala: #booksnotbullets

“I urge world leaders to prioritize education because education is the only way through which we can defeat terrorism, fight against poverty and bring peace and prosperity. The money that is spent on just a few guns, if given to a child’s education, can change that child’s life.”

Find out more about the Malala Fund on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Author’s Note

Please understand that I am not a feminist. I am never a feminist, and I doubt I’ll ever be one (I’m too cynical for my own good lol). But I do agree that when it comes to education, no one should have their rights robbed right in front of them. Do not keep people in the dark, do not assume that we are ALL happy to be kept in the dark. While I agree that ‘gender equality’ is a warped concept (I see pros and cons in this), educational rights should never be a part of this equation.

Cosplay 2015 : Mid Year!

Cosplayer Rarity + 5?

I’m a rare cosplayer. You could ask anyone who knows me and they’ll probably nod their heads in agreement. Most of the time, I’m the helper, or commonly known as ‘saikang’ here. Likely I’m the MUA or makeup artist; always there to lend a helping hand (and brushes) for a quick touch up or the full works.

So I have no idea why this year, my plans went ballistic. Plans that are not completed yet, we shall see how it goes. But most certainly there’s one that needs to be completed by Comic Fiesta 2015. Fingers crossed I’ll get that done on time!

One thing I noticed is that this year, most of my cosplay plans (aside from one impromptu one that you’ll see later) are non-japanese related. Good news? Bad news? Who knows hahahaha. But they’re plans that I do enjoy working on anyway, and that my dear, is the key to these projects! 🙂

Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter) – Sailor Moon Illustration

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection Vol. II

This was a VERY impromptu plan that was thrown together by Narukids, Cappy and Hani. I’m happy to be a part of the team, and OMG casual as this cosplay may be, hunting down the exact clothing items were pretty danged hard! Hahahahaha. As usual procrastination is the key to this cosplan 😛

But still, I’m pretty happy how it hard turned out 🙂

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Jupiter - Sailor Moon

What is Sailor Moon group photoshoot without an actual group photoshoot, eh? 😀

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Tsukino Usagi, Makoto Kino, Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei, Aiko Minako

First Debut: Private Photoshoot

Zatanna- DC Comics

Zatanna DC Comics

I’ve always always wanted to cosplay Zatanna. Like, since forever. It’s just something about Magic that enthralls me (Sailor Moon, anyone?).

This was pretty much an impulsive and impromptu plan for this year; though I’ve been meaning to work on a Zatanna costume it was always just within the “daydream” or “planning” stage and never the “execution” stage lol. Once again the Goddess of Last Minute Good Luck saved me, though I’m still missing my magic wand! Oh well, better save this costume for end of the year 😉

Zatanna DC Comics

I love love LOVE my boots. It was a super impulsive purchase when I was at Singapore and me and my fiancee thought, OMG THAT IS THE PERFECT PAIR OF BOOTS! Though RM to SG was super weak then (it’s worse now SOBS) we still got it anyway. No regrets, apart from our crying wallet hahahahaha.

First debut: Visual Arts Expo (VAX) 2015

Abbey Bominable – Monster High

Oh look, I’m an icy ghoul! This was probably the trickiest cosplan I had to maneuver around as of today. It was a nightmare trying to hunt down the perfect face/body paint and my goodness, those were selling like hotcakes! Thank you Goddess of Last Minute Good Luck T_T

Abbey Bominable - Monster High

I’ll probably debut this costume once again in another convention, but for now….it’s naptime for this cosplan 😛 I’m not too happy with the final results of my makeup honestly, but hah, pulling it off with whatever cosmetics I have lying around at home? That’s good enough for me! 😛

I still gotta figure out how to keep the paint from fading off. Though it stayed on pretty danged well for about 3 hours, I wish it could’ve lasted for another 3 hours more :/

Abbey Bominable - Monster High

Me and mah ghouls are ready for some scare-riffic time at AniManGaki 2015! 😀

Monster High Cosplay

First Debut: AniManGaki 2015


Megurine Luka - World End Dance Hall

Cosplay: Megurine Luka – World’s End Dance Hall illustration version.

Debut: AniManGaki 2014

This photo was taken in a studio.

I was pink last year and blue this year. Wonder what will next year be for me?

This has got to be my busiest cosplay year yet! I don’t usually churn out cosplans/costumes like butter so having more than one costume in a year is pretty epic for me hahaha. Stay tuned for Comic Fiesta 2015 for a new cosplan that I’ll be debuting with my friends! 😉
Hint: It’s something retro and something Western.

Homemade Granola in 20 minutes or less

I love messing around in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to testing out recipes. Which is why Pinterest is my fave platform to find new food hacks, recipes and such. As such, making granola from scratch caught my eye a few weeks back. Now in Malaysia, store-bought granola is pretty pricey (ranging from RM10 – RM60 onwards, depending on where you get ’em and where it’s imported from). Not only that, it’s usually way too sweet for my liking! So what better way to enjoy a snack with less guilt?

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Innisfree Skin Care : Yay or Nay?

Innisfree Skin Care products. Are you a fan or have you always wondered what’s the big deal about them?

I’ve always been rather fussy about my skin care products, particularly when it comes to applying serum, toner and moisturizer. I’m not a fan of most moisturizers cause they generally tend to cause my skin to become extra oily (and eventually pimples will pop out like wee lil noxious mushrooms!) so when folks recommend me Product A and Product B, I’ll be really suspicious! It’s not that I do not trust my friends, but most of the time what works for them doesn’t really work for me :/

So when Arisa suggested that I try this Innisfree Green Tea Skin Care range, I was somewhat skeptical too. I mean, what would make it different from everything else? Aside from the price that is lol! I poked and pried around, and several of my other friends declared that this range is amazing and doesn’t cause any breakouts! (I have this thing about moisturizers feeling rather oily and sticky on my face so…)

So I shrugged and went, “Oh why the heck not?”. I jumped in to the Althea bandwagon and decided to buy their Green Tea Serum, Skin and Lotion all at one go; thank you ikanbillys for partially sponsoring this purchase as a birthday gift! ^_^

Onwards to the review!

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#QUOTES : Live Love Enjoy

There is always that one quote or multiple quotes that would trigger the determination and positive emotions in you. Whether it is to boost morale at work, strengthen your self-esteem or even some random quotes to amuse yourself for the day…quotes are great.
I have my fair share of quotes that I’d like to live by if possible, and these two are but a few of the many that I have. What’s your special quote, and why? 😉

no one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Let’s face it. We all had our painful moments (or at least, I do!) where we would feel small, insignificant and diminished in the presence of others. Whether the action was intentional or otherwise, it still hurts.

Try instead to look at things differently.See it in a different perspective; yes, perhaps even with rose-coloured glasses. Still hurts? Smile and vent your emotions in a positive manner (take up writing, dancing, drawing…anything that can help you ease the frustration before it becomes dangerously explosive).

Me, I prefer gaming. Whether violent games (lol) or cognitive games like Hidden Object Games (HOG) I often find solace in this digital space. The sad corner where a single player can have fun 😛

gaming inspirational quote

Again, I love to game. Not a full time hardcore serious gamer, but sufficient enough to find happiness in the little achievements in life.

  • Got a new office chair? Brilliant! +5 concentration
  • Bought a little cactus for your workplace? +2 concentration +10 HP +5 happiness
  • Too much work? – 20 HP -5 stamina

^ so if that happens, how would you deal with it? 😉

The Not-So-Extensive Birthday Wishlist

(psst, updated my list slightly! Check out below for the additional stuffs I’ve added in hehehehe. I’ll probably add more in…eventually. LOL)

Guess what?

It’s that time of the year again where I would list down a bunch of stuffs I’d like for my birthday! Though to be honest, I’m running out of ideas cause my ‘wants’ tend to be rather domesticated lately hahahaha 😛

I know some of you may wonder, “Whoa who the heck is this crazy woman to blatantly share her wishlist out in the open, expecting people to buy her gifts?!”. Well, you’re not too far off about the crazy woman.

Truth be told, this practice began back in my LiveJournal days (three cheers to all LJ users out there!) when I first started hanging out with the good folks from Comic Fiesta. Every year they’d ask me what do I want for my birthday, and every year I would repeat myself again and again…and again and again. Especially when it comes to buying story books for me (I’m an avid bookworm, though my taste lingers more within the realms of fantasy fiction such as magery and mythical creatures). So finally, someone – I cannot remember who – suggested that I should start writing up a wishlist to facilitate things better. And I thought, hey why not? It may sound like self-gratification but it sure as damn well works when it comes to helping others (who wants to) get the right gift for me.

So lo and behold, the tradition stays. Though normally I’d blog at least a month in advance…oh well.

Surgical stainless steel earrings

M+Y LADY Rosebud™ Womens Earrings
M+Y LADY Rosebud™ Womens Earrings : USD75

I’m always on the lookout for surgical stainless steel earrings, though sadly they’re either not to my liking, or rather expensive. I think I’ve found a spot where I would like to shop at, but I haven’t exactly stayed at the shop too long to check it out for myself. If you’re looking at this particular gift, I’d suggest heading to Dragon Silver at One Utama and ask them about their stainless steel earrings collection. I’m cool with plain loop earrings to be honest; just happened to come across this particular store online and I found this pair rather interesting (though expensive!)

Arts & Crafts

As some (or many?) of you may know, I love dabbling in arts and crafts. So my wishlist for more tools and equipment never ends.

I’ve compiled a wishlist based on what I can find on but feel free to shop around elsewhere (I rely on online shopping lately, oh woe is me!) if you know of any cheaper places. Don’t forget to share those locations with me too! 😀

Click on each bullet point to check out the details of each item listed 🙂

RM50/100/150 Shopping Vouchers from any of these brands

Shopping vouchers from IKEA, Uniqlo, Popular Bookstore, Sephora, Spotlight Malaysia, Starbucks, Healthland Spa Malaysia

Shopping vouchers are the best way to please me, if you have absolutely NO idea what should you get for me hahaha. I’m a woman of many interests, so it may not be easy to shop for something for me. Three things to remember about Silvy: COFFEE, Arts & Crafts, Massage.

Brand in image:

  • IKEA
  • Spotlight
  • Starbucks
  • Sephora
  • Healthland Malaysia
  • Popular Malaysia

P/S: I’m aware that some brands may not have shopping vouchers for sale. Well, there’s always other similar options I suppose? 😉

Stainless Steel Hollowed Pendant Lockets

stainless steel pendant locket

Gorgeous, isn’t it? I’ve been on a lookout for hollowed pendant lockets that is sturdy enough to withstand essential oils (without tarnishing or reacting negatively to the oils) as I plan to use these lockets as a personal diffuser. Haven’t found out that is to my liking yet unfortunately 🙂 plus, I have no idea where to look for in Malaysia that I won’t get conned into getting a low-grade item hahahaha 😛

P/S: It could either be Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel. However I noticed that the latter is a cheaper alternative. Plus the metal doesn’t react negatively on my skin huzzah!

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils

I admit it. I’m a sucker for essential oils. Particularly when they’re therapeutic grade and (some, not all) food grade. I’m turning into an oiler and I’m loving it! These oils are used for my crafts as well (lip balm, salve, soap making, lotions, etc) and F&B (earl grey Citrus Fresh cookies, peppermint green tea, lemon water). I could go on and on about it but I shall not hahahaha 😛

Essential Oils I’m eyeing right now are:

  • Cedarwood
  • Clary Sage
  • Copaiba
  • Deep Relief (Roll On)
  • Helichrysum
  • Joy
  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree)
  • Melrose
  • Wintergreen

Priciest among those lot? Helichrysum T_T costs more than RM300 hahahaa dengit. Feel free to drop me an email if you’re keen to find out more of the pricing 🙂

Young Living Malaysia website right HERE

And with that, I’m done!

I know, I know, I have tons more to write, but isn’t this enough as it is? 🙂 Domesticated items like a hand blender and juicer, I’ll slowly save up for them myself heh. But these, I don’t mind getting as gifts.